PehuTec grain moisture meter (PTGM-16) is called Wiljami

Why Wiljami?


Wiljami's measurement result is accurate. The drying process is automatically cut off when the desired humidity percentage is reached.


Wiljami can be monitored and controlled remotely via a smartphone or computer. Time is released for other tasks during busy harvest period.


Wiljami ensures just the right moisture content of your grain and thus ensures the grain is preserved.

Wiljami is developed and manufactured in Finland

Wiljami is a smart IoT solution

Wiljami grain moisture meter has been developed for continuous measurement of grain moisture. The device measures grain moisture and temperature in real time and continuously from the dryer directly. The drying process can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone or computer. Wiljami's Intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) solution ensures just the right grain moisture. Remote monitoring and automatic stopping of drying process make the everyday life of farmers easier, time is released for other things.


3890€ + VAT (includes 1st year remote access with sim card)

Annual license 149€ + VAT (includes remote access and sim card)

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