IoT solution to facilitate farmer's everyday life

Wiljami grain moisture meter has been developed for continuous measurement of grain moisture. The device measures grain moisture and temperature in real time and continuously from the dryer directly. The results can be read from either the display unit / control unit or the remote user interface over the internet. The device can be connected to stop the drying process when the desired grain moisture has been achieved. Wiljami is easy to fit into a new or older dryer.

Wiljami allows remote monitoring

  • Measurement results can be monitored and controlled remotely by a smartphone or computer. The software works with a web browser.
  • The drying process is stopped automatically when the desired humidity percentage is reached.
  • The system sends SMS messages about events / alarms during drying.
  • You can see reports of different drying rounds via the remote interface.

Technical information

Measuring ranges:

  • grain moisture, 5 - 30 %

  • grain temperature, -20 - +85 °C

Settings include for example:

  • desired grain moisture
  • selection of grain
  • alarms

Features to be connected:

  • relay control (e.g. pre-alarm, drying off, cooling)
  • alarms (e.g. burner fault, elevator error)

You can follow from the display e.g.:

  • moisture percentage
  • temperature


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