Grain drying - consumes energy and euros


Harvesting season is ongoing in many locations around Finland. In Finland, harvested grain moisture is pretty high because of short period of growth and rapidly arriving fall. Particularly this year, many farmers are fretting with grain drying and the energy used there. Drying requires a lot of energy and the prize of energy is rising all the time. Therefore, even with a small amount of energy savings, you save money and grow more profitable. Naturally, the easiest way to save energy is to minimize the need for the drying. All the farmers are constantly evaluating the condition of the drying conditions. Avoiding over drying can also save your money.

Savings with Wiljami

Wiljami grain moisture meter has been developed for the needs of farmers to save energy during drying. Wiljami is installed into the dryer, where the device measures the moisture of the grain in real time. Wiljami can be programmed to stop the drying process when desired grain moisture percentage has been reached, so that the grain is not "accidentally" dried too much. In addition to saving euros, automatic stop and remote monitoring make the life of farmers a bit easier during the harvest since you can spend your time elsewhere than monitoring the dryer by yourself.